Worst Halloween Costumes


So you have two days left to find a Halloween costume? Arg…panic time. Let’s face it…there’s a lot of pressure to come up with a costume that can generate an “OHH THAT’S COOL” comment. I don’t remember having to work so hard at costumes in the past. Maybe our parents did…the ones that went to the local craft stores and actually sewed. Very crafty! But before that there was a time when acceptable costumes had plastic masks (that would stick to your face from all the sweat) and weird plastic/nylon clothing that you jumped into and tied up behind your neck. We had a few good ones… Wolfman, Frankenstein, etc..but I do remember some really weird costumes during that time. Well I almost pee’d my pants when I read Robert Berry’s article Worst Halloween Costumes Of All Time. Give it a read. Robert has some hilarious commentary on those plastic costumes of the late 70’s, early 80’s. I also found this site The Haunted Closet while researching old costumes. The costumes in here are hilarious! Man, there were some weird characters on TV in those days.

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