Get Lost In A Corn Maze


What’s so fun about running through a corn maze on a hot October afternoon? Last year I tried one (in an attempt to answer that question for myself). What started as a nice little jaunt through those fields of husks became a mind-bending, nerve-wracking race to finish the maze as quickly as possible. Usually, corn mazes aren’t so dramatic…but let me give you this bit of advice. Go to the bathroom BEFORE you enter any maze! Trust me. When your bladder doesn’t feel like its going to pop, a corn maze can totally be an enjoyable thing.

Most corn mazes have been cleverly designed to some picture or theme that you can only see from an airplane. So unless you have an airplane you’ll never truly be able to appreciate that part of it. But you will appreciate all the twists and turns and dead-ends. It could be fun to get a group of friends and time each other to see who can finish the maze fastest. I’ve also heard of some mazes that have quizzes or obstacles to enhance your maze experience. Then of course there are the nighttime mazes. But these aren’t for the faint of heart. Usually you’ll begin the maze only to find a chainsaw-wielding lunatic pop out to try to scare the bejeezus out of you!

If your looking for a maze near you, try The Maize which claims to be the largest cornfield maze company in the world. You can also find some local corn mazes and pumpkin patches at Pumpkin Patches And More. All in all its a good time.

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