Monsterpalooza 2012 – Part Duex

Monsterpalooza 2012

So I’ve saved the best for last. Throughout the Monsterpalooza 2012 maze were wonderful replicas of some terrifying creatures. Some are Hollywood famous, and others came from the imaginative minds of great design and effects artists.

Creature Models

This is a lifesize replica of legendary FX artist Rick Baker putting on the wolf makeup for “American Werewolf in London” for which he won his first academy award.

Monsterpalooza 2012 Monsterpalooza 2012

Above is Jack Pierce applying makeup to Boris Karloff for the 1932 iconic horror film The Mummy. As head of Universal Studios’ makeup department, Pierce created some of the most classic iconic makeup for films like Frankenstein (1931) & The Wolf Man (1941).

Monsterpalooza 2012 Monsterpalooza 2012 Monsterpalooza 2012


There were so many artists displaying their work it was overwhelming. I met Chet Zar, the artist who is known for doing the album and video artwork for one of my favorite music bands – Tool. Lots of other artists had painted pictures inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion. There were so many wonderful examples of beloved horror creatures. Below is an example of one I’d love to own.

Monsterpalooza 2012



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